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My first time...

posted 7 Mar 2011, 11:22 by Flip Pipe   [ updated 7 Mar 2011, 12:03 ]
... I build a Passive Network Tap.

A RJ45 4 way splitter, and two custom made cables, a computer with Linux, a bond interface, and voilá, my set-up.

The tower is running Linux and see the traffic pass-through and the Windows Desktop being sniffed.

This site was my inspiration.

But like kitchen recipes, I like to adapt to my way. In this case, the Surface Mount Box was replaced by the 4 way RJ45 Splitter and two 'special' cables.

 This cables will only send traffic to the network cards. One have the normal RX cables, and the other only have the TX cables but in RX place.

Yeap, the pics are crappy, but it is the best I can do with my mobile phone.